Design collaboration – Helsinki Design Week 2010 Event Exchange

Helsinki Design Week (HDW) is an annual city festival which purpose is to attune and introduce people to new design. Operating through various media, collaborations and events, HDW invites design devotees to new experiences, encounters and idea exchange. The program includes an array of events including workshops, exhibitions, fashion shows, festivities, seminars, visits to studios and closed-for-public spaces as well as shopping opportunities.

Helsinki Design Week 2010 is looking for events organised by local and international creative individuals and groups.

Make a proposal about exhibitions, workshops, fashion shows, parties or seminars – or about anything else you might come up with! It has to be special, though. HDW is looking for event proposals that introduce the Helsinki Design Week visitors new and surprising insights and experiences – something unique for the city that’s on its way to be the World Design Capital 2012. Make your voice count latest 7th July 2010!

Contact HDW through Facebook or send a message to
Kari Korkman (director) or
Anni Puolakka (producer)


Founded in 2005, Helsinki Design Week’s focus lies on multi-disciplinary take on design and bringing it closer to people. HDW believes that design should be open for interaction, opinions and touch. Currently in the process of expanding both in terms of geography and time, HDW works closely with City of Helsinki, Nordic Fashion Association and other European cities and design organisations.

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