Rethinking renting

We’ve seen car share, bike share, apartment share and even dress share (Dress-Go-Round by IVANAHelsinki NYC), but now there is a new sharing venture in Helsinki called Kuinoma, meaning “like yours”. Markku Jussila, a regular guy from Helsinki, is behind this greenish social sharing service, which allows people to swap, share or rent things they occasionally need, from suitcases and surfboards to sewing machines.

The idea is simple – by sharing the things you own, you will support the idea of buying less, you can give away things you don’t need and make some money while your in it. Kuinoma acts as a hub for sharing and socializing, as it also sets the rules and regulations for safe renting.


Markku Jussila presenting Kuinoma and new ways of thinking economy at Nevermind Copenhagen conference in Helsinki. Read more (only in Finnish) on Kuinoma and its sharing philosophy here.

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