Community of good

Consuming is becoming more local, more intimate and more individual. We are also changing the ways we work or the way we trade the products of our work. In Kumpula, a neighbourhood of Helsinki, there is a community of good – over a hundred active members who exchange voluntary services by virtual currency, the penny of Kumpula, kumpenny.

The Helsinki Community Exchange System (CES) was set up by five locals interested in wellbeing and slow consuming. The community of good is about helping a neighbour in need with things; a broken bike, leaking sink, hole in their favourite sweater, grocery shopping, house cleaning or dog walking. When you use your own time to the tasks of other members needs, you gain kumpennies and can then use them for services needed in return.

There are other similar exchange communities in Finland, while the Kumpula goods and goodnesses are the first ones to go online, in the global hub of CES. The community network system consists a total of 185 communities in 25 different countries worldwide. Membership in the global hub means you are able to exchange your local earnings outside your home community. Timebanks and local economies are becoming popular as we are turning hyperlocal. Earlier this year, the London borough of Brixton launched its own currency to boost the local retail.


  1. Maya

    Hello there!
    We are interested in community currency or similar concept and learning about this subject recently. We will be visiting Helsinki from the 17 to 25th of this month and wondering if there is any place/event we can visit and observe activities along this line during this period.

    1. ann s

      Hi Maya,

      Thanks for being in contact. I will get back to you in the next couple of days with some information for you.
      I just need to check and see on the specific opportunities available during the dates you are here.

      Have a nice day and I’ll be in touch asap.


    2. ann s

      Hi Maya,

      Did you make it to helsinki? How was your experience? If you are interested ‘Helsinki:Now’ would love to give you the opportunity to be a guest blogger.
      Good or bad, we’d love to post your experience here. Let us know if you are interested. Thanks, Ann @

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