Ride now

We thought this winter would last forever. A sure sign of spring in Scandinavia is when people start washing their bikes in the backyards. It’s time to ride again.

This year, unfortunately, the city of Helsinki is not providing the popular free citybikes for dwellers and tourists. So we thought to give you another bike tip – the Pelago Bicycles. Pelago bikes is a local bicycle company located in Vallila, kickstarted just about a year ago. The company is founded by two helsinkians, Timo and Mikko, young guys who have been into lasting living since 1990s. Last year they turned their 10 year hobby to a buzzing business – a bike shop and service.

The design philosophy behind Pelago is to offer durable, useful and beatiful bikes for lasting everyday use. Bikes that still ride 2050 and service the purpose. Pelago is making Helsinki a greener city a few car less. What a way to ride.

The Finnish Design Shop made a short story about Pelago in their latest newsletter.

Here also a groovy Helsinki cruising video that will get you in the biking mood!


Helsinki 78-82 – Cruising musicvideo from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

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