Rio in Roihuvuori

A selection of contemporary art books and canvases adorn the walls and window of this chic cafe right in the heart of Roihuvuori. Roihuvuoren Rio opened its doors over a year ago, and with a cool combination of colors, friendly people, plants and delicious coffee, this place keeps me coming back! The modern ambiance mixed with eclectic taste creates an all-around lovely experience – not to mention the great selection of vinyls always spinning!

Rio vinyls
photo credit : Roihuvuoren Rio

My personal favorite touch to Rio is the array of plants enlivening the space. I am a proud {amateur} plant nerd – and I truly appreciate the bustling garden. Rio’s hidden terrace sits amongst a luscious green landscape, offering peace and tranquility coupled with some equally rewarding aromas. It’s my new favorite spot, and not just because of its proximity to my doorstep!

Rio I

Rio Highlights

  • sweet and savory pastries from 3 different sources
  • forget the coffee – they had me at Big Wave Golden Ale!
  • breakfast porridge buffet and lunch soup
  • kind people with a community feeling…I am always elated to get warm service and feel welcomed! Who isn’t?!
  • live music on selected dates

Don’t forget to bring your bike to ride off that coffee buzz…a gorgeous view of the sea awaits!

rio 4
photo credit : Roihuvuoren Rio


Other hot spots in the Roihuvuori hoodz


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