Feel the FLOW

Featured Image : Flow Festival / Photographer: Jussi Hellsten 

“When I am feeling exhausted from battling and bargaining with the bipolarity of Finnish weather, a local festival that remains in the bohemian heart of Helsinki is wondrous!”

Finland impresses me. The lack of light and introverted tendencies that plague us during winter all cease to exist in the summer. Finnish summer is three months of extroverted, over-indulgent behavior that borders on decadence – and I’m happy to partake when the feeling’s mutual.

Festivals. Finland definitely knows how to festival. Every year I am amazed by the choices, genres, line-ups and locations of all things festival, and I am hard-pressed to choose my poison. Flow Festival is a special case. This annual three-day, avant-garde music and arts fest brings the essence of “festival-ing” right to a rustic old factory, Suvilahti (the venue). When I am feeling exhausted from battling and bargaining with the bipolarity of Finnish weather, a festival that remains in the bohemian heart of Helsinki is wondrous!

 Flow was sold at the audacious Iggy Pop, but then again, the whole bill platter is pretty uncanny. I have a sneaking suspicion that this year will be epic.

Furthermore, It’s important to note that it’s not just the festival grounds at Suvilahti whom are solely “flowing.” All surrounding districts hugging the venue are ricocheting good vibes and positive energy – expanding this festival far beyond the confines of the factory.

Finally, I am intravenously strapped and ready to get my dose of hip-tastic Helsinki culture. Fulfilling my need to ingest live music without traveling long distances is a combination I graciously accept. I will be back next week with a featured piece about my experience…until then –  stay safe, remain lucid, and enjoy your FLOW.

Flow Festival / Photographer: Jussi Hellsten





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