Find Your Flick at Love & Anarchy

The 29th Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy has opened today in Helsinki, and we are ecstatic!

Everything ambiguous and avant-garde that you love about film festivals is right here in Helsinki at Love & Anarchy this year. Themes are jam-packed with diversity ranging from memorials to music careers, questionable sexual desires, complications with religious beliefs, eye-opening documentaries, the ever-changing food culture and the multi-dimensions of parenthood, just to name a few. Many of these themes border on the edge of catastrophe and with these often jagged (and jaded) edges comes extreme (audience) curiosity, thus giving the films an entire life of their own. The tonality of Love & Anarchy is almost always laden with an anti-Tinseltown angst and an intense cult-like passion for raw, well-directed films. 

We love film. We love Helsinki, and Love and Anarchy boldly places this form of art right on the sincere streets of our city.

Films we have our eye on:


Halal Love (& Sex)

Heart of a Dog

I Saw the Light

Ants on a Shrimp

Author: The JT LeRoy Story

Certain Women

Pleasant screenings to all!

la_yksiriviLove and Anarchy International Film Festival 

All photo credits : Love & Anarchy International Film Festival / featured image : Heart of a Dog 



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