Photography : Helsinki

Featured Image : Ofer Amir Photography 

If you enjoy discovering well-executed photography as much as we do, then Instagram is the place to be! We’re astounded by the level of deft stylistic talent and stellar editing ability in these Helsinki-themed feeds we follow. There is indeed an overabundance of visually stimulating pages to view at any given moment – thanks to the wondrous web – so instead of getting saturating with endless Instagram pages, here are four feeds we are gawking over…

Somewhere in Helsinki @somewhereinhelsinki 

To add some sparkle and symmetry to your step, check out the architecture in these frames. Pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the mind, this page will give you a fresh city perspective.  

Details of Helsinki @detailsofhelsinki 

A gifted memory taker with an eye for angles, Henri presents Helsinki (and his travels) in brilliant and inspiring high brights. This page presents ultimate beauty with effortless detail.  

Helsinki Heroes @helsinkiheroes

A feed with varying contrast and perfect framing, highlighting gorgeous captures of Helsinki and its inhabitants. We love the soft haze kissing the images.

Ofer_Amir @ofer_amir & @hungryinhelsinki

The essence of the photograph and the emotions it can strike are captured astonishingly well on this feed. Ofer is a professional at telling stories through images and he also photographs the mood of food for Hungry in Helsinki.

Helsinki:now on Instagram @helsinkinow 






  1. Michele Lawrence

    Hungry in Helsinki – you are most welcome! We enjoy reading your stories and viewing the fantastic photography! Thanks for the words and much love from Helsinki:now……

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