All Hallows Helsinki

This time of year combines two things we love – the ambiance of autumn with the playfulness of Halloween. October is the time of year when it’s acceptable to play dress-up, as an adult, without awkward questions or confused stares. It’s also a time to take candy from strangers without pondering serious repercussions that may (or may not) follow. While Finland does not recognize Halloween as a national holiday, in recent years Helsinki has begun to culturally embrace this frighteningly fun day! An abundance of plump pumpkins, costume kiosks, themed venues and private parties appear around the city, so keep your eyes peeled for spooky thrills in the name of Halloween.

We got our creepy kicks roaming the streets of east Helsinki with a cheap mask and a camera ……..Happy Halloween from Helsinki:now!





Mask Model : Ville Ljungberg  

Horror-ific Halloween Events 

Halloween – Kaivohuone

Halloween Party at Hard Rock Helsinki

Laugh and Learn Playschool Halloween Party – kids/family


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