5 Comforting Helsinki Spots to Cleanse Your Saddened Political Soul

With the post-election Trumpocalypse looming in the foreground, it’s important to facilitate the suppression of your (justified) expat sorrows. The ominous and uncertain future before us doesn’t have to taste totally terrible. To help you through this disgraceful political transition, I have picked a few of my favorite local palate-pleasing establishments that are sure to comfort your tormented soul.

Photo credit : Lennart Gabel They Let You Do It 

Friends & Brgrs

Nothing says “comfort” like a delectable burger. It seems Friends & Brgrs constructed their business model after a California classic like In-N-Out Burger, and successfully applied it to Finland. Hugely popular and widely delicious, Friends & Brgrs combines two great ideals: fresh taste and relaxed service, all atop a modern atmosphere. A straightforward (and inexpensive) menu allows for a satisfying deviation from your “comfort-zone usual.”



Fueled by the flare of Middle-Eastern cuisine, Sandro serves up amazing combinations of food in my favorite heart of Helsinki (Helsinki has multiple hearts). Their kofta burgers are outta this world—all served with kind and inviting smiles and banter—while more exotic combinations of tajines are begging for a trial run. Succulent food is sure to soothe the soul, and this place is a winner.

The Lucky Bastard

More burger comfort this way comes. Newly-established The Lucky Bastard sits on the second floor of the Itis Shopping Center and will leave you with washed away woes (until digestion is over anyway). Their lunch offer is exceptionally notable—with a salad bar and soup accompanying your main course—all for under 12 euros. Some striking selections are their jerk chicken burger and bacon burger, both dripping with juiciness while not overpowering your palate. 1990’s hip-hop playing among decorative plants are additional pluses…way to go guys.

Photo credit : itis.fi

Hanoi Helsinki 

It ain’t “drowning your sorrows” if you ain’t neck deep in a pungent bowl of pho soup. Hanoi—in the Old Market Hall—has hit the donkey on the head. Here you will find a selection of amazing Vietnamese spring rolls and one of the best bowls of pho soup available in the Nordics. Friendly faces mixed with an epic, enlivening atmosphere will be a mini adventure all its own. Don’t forget to mosey around the market hall for interesting deals and local vendor specialties.

Bier Bier

If you’re unable to completely cleanse your post-election hysteria with food, then it’s time to start boozing. Bier Bier WILL HAVE a beer for you with their astonishing assortment of flavors at your fingertips. With a eye towards local microbreweries steadily emerging in Finland, Bier Bier will beer you or kill you—or both—but they can’t make us go back to Trumpland!

Photo crecdit : bier-bier.fi
Photo credit : bier-bier.fi

Important Endnote : if all else fails and your political woes exceed your deflating heart’s capacity, then there is always tequila.





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