Ride now

We thought this winter would last forever. A sure sign of spring in Scandinavia is when people start washing their bikes in the backyards. It’s time to ride again. This year, unfortunately, the city of Helsinki is not providing the popular free citybikes for dwellers and tourists. So we thought to give you another bike […]


Community of good

Consuming is becoming more local, more intimate and more individual. We are also changing the ways we work or the way we trade the products of our work. In Kumpula, a neighbourhood of Helsinki, there is a community of good – over a hundred active members who exchange voluntary services by virtual currency, the penny […]


Rethinking renting

We’ve seen car share, bike share, apartment share and even dress share (Dress-Go-Round by IVANAHelsinki NYC), but now there is a new sharing venture in Helsinki called Kuinoma, meaning “like yours”. Markku Jussila, a regular guy from Helsinki, is behind this greenish social sharing service, which allows people to swap, share or rent things they […]